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Contact information

Karelia University of Applied Sciences (Lead Partner),                                        Tikkarinne 9, 80200 Joensuu, Finland

Project coordinator: Dr. Liisa Timonen, Head of International Affairs,                           liisa.timonen(at)

Co-coordinator: Sini-Tuuli Saaristo, Project Coordinator,

Other partners:

Savonia University of Applied Sciences
Contact person: Petri Kainulainen, email: petri.kainulainen(at)

Széchenyi István University
Contact persons: Attila Kovács, email: kovacs.attila(at) and Dr. Gabor Milics, email:

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra
Contact person: Eleonóra Marišová, email: eleonora.marisova(at)

University of Pardubice
Contact person: Martin Mastalka, email: Martin.Mastalka(at)

HAS University of Applied Sciences
Contact person: Margje Voeten, email: M.Voeten(at)

ProAgria North Karelia
Contact person: Katri Karjalainen, email: katri.karjalainen(at)

ProAgria North Savo
Contact person: Mika Repo, email: mika.repo(at)

Contact person: Miriam Bitterova, email: bitterova(at)

Local Action Group of Železnohorský region
Contact person: Anna Cimburková, email: anna.korejtkova(at)

The Province of North Brabant

The Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick
Contact person: Jocelyne Landry, email: Jocelyne.Landry(at)>

Regional Council of North Karelia
Contact person: Eira Varis, email: eira.varis(at)

Université de Moncton
Contact person: Pierre-Marcel Desjardins, email: pierre-marcel.desjardins(at)

Groupe Savoie

All ERDI personnel may also be reached by erdi(at)