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ERDI project aims for better graduate employability, improved competitiveness of the regional economy and increased bioeconomy business to gain better income in the future. In a long term the aim is to bring prosperity in the remote and rural regions.

ERDI develops the students’ and other beneficiaries’ knowledge in bioeconomy and develops multicultural and transversal skills. ERDI internationalises the education; fosters innovations and builds solid bridges and pathways between the stakeholders on different levels and regions. ERDI also improves the openness of higher education through innovative digital educational materials and supporting the availability of education.

The aims are accomplished by five concrete objectives:

  1. ERDI internationalises the education by developing multidisciplinary, dynamic, working life serving, learner centred and international curriculum;
  2. ERDI supports accessibility of education by applying innovative and interactive digital e-learning tools and materials;
  3. ERDI defines the core competences of a bioeconomy expert to rise the working life relevance of education;
  4. ERDI boosts co-creation of knowledge with the working life establishing innovative, concrete and systemic participatory knowledge alliances on regional and international level; and
  5. ERDI strengthens bioeconomy business, entrepreneurship and employability sharing business models and innovations in local, regional and international networks.